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How do you create a disruptive business model?

How do you Create? How do you Innovate? How do you create the next generation product or a disruptive business model or the next masterpiece in music or art?

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new technology A.I.

AI & Creativity

Creativity...the last human bastion! Are Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies already surpassing that last human bastion of creativity? Let's deep-dive into the creative process to understand where and how humans may still have an edge or maintain their edge in the future...

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motivation insights

Produce or Consume?

Do you want to create, or are you happy sustaining a creation? Do you want to consume what others have dished out or do you want to express and create your own mark?!

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INNOVATION Management Theories

Management Science & Innovation

Revisit the theories of management sciences. Reflections on the seminal work of Herbert Simon and the Carnegie school amongst others, in today's context...the world of lean startups, globalization, decentralized web etal


There is No "Process" Box

Trying to force fit a ‘process’ box around creativity, design and innovation? There is an inherent contradiction there. Creativity is fluid and free - it cannot be contained, let alone within a box.

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Resistance : Expect It & Accept It

We humans are wired to resist change and are more comfortable following the norm and the acceptable

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Less is More

Less is more…more so today, in the age of information deluge and overload. The axiom transcends design and time, and needs to be applied today

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Only if I get approval...

The big creativity killer? It is self-doubt, lack of self-belief, and that analysis-paralysis. It is that long wait for validation and approval of your idea...

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EMOTIONS Creativity secrets

Will it move the audience ?!

Your creation’s audience/customers are emotional beings as well...Create to move the audience

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Oxymoronic Creative-Look Uniform

Picture the stereotypical image of the “creative” rebel artist - long unruly hair and tattoos or piercings. Can it help one stand out when every other creative professional/wannabe dons the same look?!

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Ideas First

It is all about the ideas (assuming basic execution capabilities). Execution is secondary, and often overhyped. Success depends on the quality, quantity and innovation quotient of your ideas.