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The Muse Quest: Don't Chase the Grass Next Door

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Create…?! “…yes sure, I want to…but how do I find my muse?”

As you search for/wait for/seek that "perfect muse" — a venture or art idea or a oncept that you can completely immerse in and commit to creating, think and ask:

(1) What do I already know?

Go back to and deep dive into what you already know. Don’t overlook or abandon all that you have learned this far (even if you disliked the journey or consider it to be a disaster). Specialized sector and/or functional area knowledge, experiences, and skills that you have developed and learned through jobs, education, and interactions — still make you better than most, and more informed (to identify opportunities) in that area. Leverage those learnings, don’t lose them.

Think of ways to combine those with what you are passionate about or have a talent for (see #3 and #4) and you will be closer to finding the right muse to pursue.

(2) Am I chasing the “Grass” next door?

Are you abandoning your own unique set of expertise, knowledge, and skills for that elusive, greener (and easier to cut) grass next door? That new fad, that hot sector? By the time it becomes a fad, it is already too late.

As an artist, do not try and emulate your favorite artist directly. If at all — try and capture the essence of their art, through your own style of expression.

(3) What moves me?

Think and reflect upon what moves or inspires you.

What are you passionate about — the cause/ the problem (you want to solve)/ field? What can you pursue 24/7 and immerse yourself completely in, effortlessly? What can get you in the “zone”/ “the flow”…?!

(4) What comes naturally to me?

What is it that you have a knack/talent for? Recognize that inherent, natural flair within. Do not overlook or dismiss it however insignificant or unrelated it may seem. Tap into it - let it give you that edge.

#1, #3, #4 will prove to be the best barriers to entry, for your creation when someone (who did not read #2) tries to chase the grass in your yard (your venture/art).

Go find that muse!


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