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Creativity Secrets

Creativity & Innovation Secrets for Design | Business | Art

How do you Create?
How do you Innovate?
How do you create an innovative product or a disruptive business model
or an art/music masterpiece?

The underlying principles and processes aka the Creativity Secrets are the same whether you are creating art, music, design, product or a new business venture. The 'Creativity Secrets' book reveals those creativity secrets.

get the book 'Creativity Secrets' (electronic kindle edition)

The distilled down lessons and learnings will help you discover yourself, push your imagination, take the leap, and create. They will enable you to discover your own buried/hidden creative self and shake-off any limiting beliefs or mental blocks that have prevented you from reaching your true creative potential.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of the vessel.”
- Socrates

The book is not meant to be an exhaustive instructional textbook but is rather meant to be a light read. I have purposely kept the content short and simple. I hope it will kindle/rekindle the creative flame that is languishing in a dormant corner of your brain, and help you innovate and create the future.

I have learnt, built upon and gone through multiple iterations, to zero-in on these ingredients, through years of my own formal and informal education, and experiences across design, technology and business fields. These creativity secrets have helped me create award winning art, design, invent new software, and create & build two ventures in the San Francisco Bay Area.

- Abhay Bhargava

Email coffee(AT) to get the coffee-table print version of the book (latest 2022 version at an introductory discount price of $29.99)