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The Lazy “Hard-Work”…

Are you trying to define work and living your life by the same principles as those days of snail-mail, and zero to minimal global connectivity?!

If you are not pushing your mind to create and go beyond the norm/status quo, you are not working hard but being lazy.

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It is easy to be happy and content with the status quo; after all, you are “working hard” to sustain your family and pay the mortgage. You continue to be caught in the Matrix that was created for you, to keep you in check, to keep you so occupied with those daily challenges and demands that you will never have the time to even realize the hamster wheel you are on, let alone challenge the status quo!

You can fight back — “No, I am not being lazy…I am working hard…I am really good at doing what is asked of me and doing it every day, 8 hours a day…while improving my efficiency and perfecting the process.” Frederick Taylor (father of scientific management) would be so proud! Yes, but you are no longer working in a factory assembly line doing physical labor.

The definition of what constitutes hard work has changed. The hard work of yesteryears is not the same today. Physical labor has been replaced by mental labor.

It is not about the number of hours you clock everyday — but what you do in those hours. What do you accomplish? What do you create? You cannot follow what worked in the past for your parents and hope that the same will work for you. Are you expecting to follow the same path — work at a corporation, navigate through the office politics (and waste precious time doing that), and slowly but steadily rise through the corporate ladder, in today’s fast-changing world?!

Are you trying to define work and living your life by the same principles as those days of snail-mail, and zero to minimal global connectivity, following the same management principles, hierarchies and career paths?

Stop, think, and ask if you or your work is really adding value. Is it unique, irreplaceable, and brings forth the best of your experiences (including education) and abilities? If not, strive for it to be so. Be proactive and creative. You can no longer be assured of keeping a job that can be so easily outsourced or automated. Easier the work, faster & easier it will be to replace you or automate your job.

It is a lot easier and a lot less work to not think for yourself, not push your mind to innovate or create, not think of new unprecedented ideas, and just do what is asked of you. And as you are busy following that easy path — you are actually racing towards being obsolete.

Enjoy that rat race!


The above is an excerpt from the book: “CREATIVITY SECRETS: Creativity & Innovation Secrets for Design | Business | Art”, 2018, by ABHAY (Wharton grad, Artist, Entrepreneur).


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