Creativity & Innovation Secrets

Creativity is Fluid & Free...

Structure and process can kill creativity...suffocate the creative within you

Are you trying to force fit a ‘process’ box around creativity, design or innovation? There is an inherent contradiction there. Creativity is fluid and free — it cannot be contained, let alone within a box. Structure and process can suffocate the creative within you.

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There is no one process. There are however multiple guiding principles, sub-processes, and lessons that can help one create — aka the Creative Secrets. They can be organized within a funnel aka the 'Creativity Funnel’. The Creative Funnel metaphorically represents the creative journey where one starts with several ideas at the top of the funnel that are narrowed down to the final creation at the end of the funnel, passing through several iterations.

The Creativity Funnel starts with ideas — generating a lot of ideas and choices. You can then choose between those ideas and narrow down the options, by making decisions that involve trade-offs around one’s own individual values, priorities and beliefs. They are also often shaped by external factors that may or may not be within one’s control. You can continually refine those ideas and iterate upon them to reach the final creation.

The Creative Funnel visually as well as metaphorically represents the creative journey

The iterative process within the Creativity Funnel comprises of the following components: (1)Ideas : Generating several ideas or choices, (2)Decisions: Choosing between the generated ideas or deciding upon an idea/direction at each step of the process, (3)Refinement: Refining and continuing to improve and build upon the previous ideas/versions to reach the final creation

The book “Creativity Secrets” explores the above 3 components, and deep-dives into various creativity principles and processes within the funnel.


The above is an excerpt from the book: “CREATIVITY SECRETS: Creativity & Innovation Secrets for Design | Business | Art”, 2018, by ABHAY (Wharton grad, Artist, Entrepreneur).


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